Friday Five {on a Saturday}

I've got to give bloggers out there a BIG shoutout. How do you all do it?!

I've failed two weeks in a row to get a "Friday Five" out haha!

I love taking photos, but I am bad at uploading them. I also don't want to fall into that hole of taking photos just for the sake of blog content.


1. 80 degrees and sunny... perfect day for a 14 mile hike

2. Exploring a Greenhouse

3. Sunglasses Shopping

   4. Avocado Toast

 5. Restaurant notebook... filled with drawings, inspirational quotes, and notes about how people came to find this little off the beaten path place


Well, it's a sunny warm day here in the south, so I'll be spending my Saturday at the pool. Have some great posts on the way. Thank you to those who continue to read as I navigate learning how to blog!


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